Monday, December 7, 2015

Learning Spindle Gouges

Birdhouse Ornaments
Some days my brain works pretty good, and on others, it has no idea. Yesterday was one of THOSE days. An idea for a birdhouse ornament had come along, and all sorts of way to try and make this idea come to fruition were whirling around. How to make the crenelations of the castle? Band saw would be too wobbly since the blade wanders this way and that, fence notwithstanding. Scroll saw? I have little to no experience with that particular machine, but am always willing to give it a try. Before I had a chance to get all bogged down in learning a new machine, along comes Rudy, just in time.

He reminded me of what I already knew but was too brain dead to remember. Table saw! You know, that nasty machine that once bit my finger. So I was content to stand back and watch as Rudy cut the crenelations for me. Then it was back to the lathe to make it all round and pretty.

Making these things is giving me the opportunity to learn some of the turning tools I hardly ever touch. Like spindle gouges. They are tricksy little things, and like to go skating off in the wood blank, leaving a lovely gash behind. But I am keeping at it, and, I think, making progress.

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