Sunday, September 19, 2010

Let's Try Something New

Inspiration! This guy Bob, nicknamed KnottyMale, makes some knockout stuff. Click the link and go see his work. I've admired his artistry for some time, and decided to try making a bag. A simple bag - how hard could it be?

Ok, it's not a flat surface like a blanket or a rug, but I bet I can figure it out.
No, once again no patterns were made. I just made an excel file for the swirly design, and off I went. It was well under way, and got ripped out again and again to correct small issues. Then I decided that if it was worth doing at all, it was worth doing well. There does not seem to be such a thing as a practice piece when it comes to crochet. With all the time I was putting in to figuring this out, I wanted to have something nice at the end of it. So it all got ripped out again, down to the first row. Part of the issue was the inside of the bag. Why not get it to look nice? See the pretty row of purple stitches up the inside? They line up just so now. They don't show on the outside.

The handle was fun. Remember, I had never done this before. I have no idea how other people put on their handles, but mine is a continuous sort of thing. The handle or strap makes a half twist from one side of the bag to the other. That way, I could make the purple line that runs through the handle. Make sure it twists at the other end where it attaches again. Then you just follow it around the rim, over the handle, around the other rim, over the handle again, etc. until it looks like it is done.

Most of my work is crocheted back loop only. In this piece, the
purple, ONLY the purple of the design is worked in both loops. This was an attempt to do away with the line that appears across work done back loop only. But I failed to take into account that that dreaded line shows up better the lighter the color of yarn. So although there is no 'line' in the purple design, you don't notice it. Maybe next time the body of the piece will be darker and the design in a lighter hue.

This is Caron One Pound Acrylic Worsted Weight, done with an I hook. It is tapestry crochet throughout, to make the fabric denser and sturdier.
It covers the carried yarn quite well, I think. The spiral design is from Celtic Charted Designs by Co Spinhoven.