Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Physically demanding

I don't know what I was thinking. Could there BE a more physically demanding hobby/pastime/pursuit than wood turning? 

The turning is hypnotic, with the shavings flying and the bowl taking shape before your eyes. But there is the tool to hold, in just the right way. All the voices from massage therapy training whisper in my ear, "Relax. Drop your shoulders, bend your knees. you don't need a death grip on the chisel." but it is hard work, however you tend to your body mechanics.

Then there's the acquisition of the wood for turning. Which means going and purchasing it (yeah, right) or getting out there with the chain saw and harvesting. I have been very blessed in this department and now have more blanks than I can probably turn in a lifetime.

Turning stock comes in logs and branches that I first have to schlep home to my little corner of the back yard. The shocks on my car are just about shot since there have been many occasions when the car has been stuffed from back to front, side to side, floor to ceiling with trees. These tree trunks and assorted branches then must be converted to turning blanks. With a chainsaw. Which is heavy. And there is plenty of lifting, heaving, bending, twisting, hauling, pushing and pulling involved.