Tuesday, December 9, 2008


It was many years later, after moving from Oklahoma to Pennsylvania, that I took up the noble crochet hook again. And began to experiment.

Color! Shapes! Sizes! Angles! Change colors along a row? Yes I can. Bend a grecian key banner around a corner? Yep. Make a five pointed star? Why not?

Yes, it is a total mish mash, has no central theme or color palette, but it was fun. So shut up.

The Big Blue Blanket

This one is maybe the largest blanket I ever crocheted. It's queen sized. It certainly is heavy, and until we got our front loading washer, it took a trip to the laundromat to find a machine large enough to wash it.

With this blanket I learned the value of checking the dye lot. The band of solid color blue near the bottom has faded over the years in a way that is inconsistent with the rest of the bands of that color.

A dog chewed a hole in it, so it became mine.

Where it all began

That is the first blanket I ever made, and I believe the second item of any kind I ever crocheted. Someone (thank you, whoever you were) taught me to crochet, having me make a doily of some sort. Then I made this thing, which is still very warm, thank you. It was made during the 1980 Olympics, and I made the red, white and blue portion while watching the hockey team win the gold medal. "Do you believe in miracles?" I had stayed home from church (gasp!) to watch the US - Finland game. I was fresh home from living in Finland, but happy with how the Miracle on Ice turned out. "Do you believe in miracles? YES!"

You can see how excited I got during the game. The stitches became very tight. Oops!

There were a couple of blankets I made after that, but who knows where they are now?