Wednesday, December 2, 2015

It's The Little Things

When I started woodturning, I wanted to make big humongous bowls. Heroic sized bowls. Bowls you could sleep in. I want to make a Caesar salad bowl worthy of the talents of my chef friend, Ed.  And I still do, but in the meantime I have discovered the joys to be found in the little things.
Black Walnut Bottle Stoppers
Seems to me that bottle stoppers should come in sets of at least two. I mean, what party has only one kind of wine open at a time? Don't you need at least one for white and another for red?

More Ornaments. All roofs elm, houses 3 bubinga, 2 black walnut.
 I whipped out the first batch of ornaments, sold them the next day, then said, Huh! How did I do that? It seems that when I come back to a project after not having done it for a while, much of it has to be reinvented. In this case a couple things needed to be adjusted since parts weren't fitting together as well as I would have liked. And I don't consider myself able to do something well until I can teach it to someone else. And so a protocol has been documented. I can teach this!

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