Sunday, January 15, 2017

Annastassia the Unicorn/Pegasus (there are wings)

Katy the Shark

Mitchell as Chewbacca
These three are the grandchildren of a dear friend who was once a student of mine. I've known them since before they were born. They each have been models in my classes, either as the star of the show for infant massage, or center stage along with their mother for pregnancy massage. 

Their mother Amy had sent me a photo of a blanket, asking me to make her that. I charted it, made it, and sent it. And the pattern for her blanket is the bottom-most row on each of the kids' blankets. It can be seen most clearly on Mitchell's blanket. The top-most bit is also the same on each, Celtic hearts. 

Mitchell pointed out that as they had each received the gift of a fleece onesie, they would surely be warm THIS Christmas eve!

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