Monday, March 14, 2011

More than just a crochet hook

It's a riddling rack! Riddling is a part of the process of making champagne. The bottles are put into a riddling rack, and whatever sediment is in the bottles comes to the cork end of the bottle. Every day or so, someone comes along and gives each bottle a shake and a twist. Finally, the cork end is frozen, the sediment is taken off the frozen end, the cork reinserted, and on with the rest of the process.

I just thought it was a pretty cool way to store wine bottles in a house that has precious little floor space left.

The wood on the face of it - the parts with the holes - are made from what used to be a door frame. I found that on eBay. The side panel is from wood that used to be a fence and was
going to be burned. My buddy Rudy saved it from the fiery fate and gave me a piece of it. It is ALL oak, which matches everything else in our house.

It hangs on the wall next to the kitchen door - handy for dinner, yet out of the way. The good people at True Value Hardware are my go-to peeps for all things hardware-ish. They helped me figure out a way to attach it to the wall. So far it has @ 15 bottles, and it is holding up nicely.

And I don't even drink wine! That's Chris' territory.

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